How to avoid mansplaining

Got someone in your life complaining about you “mansplaining” all the time? Just stop explaining. You can’t mansplain if you never explain. Assume everyone already knows everything. And watch as they fall because they know nothing. Then when they get the nerve to complain about their failures, laugh at them prominently and this time, explain. Explain how fucking stupid they are for never taking a single piece of your advice. Be sure to clearly show them how their problems could have been avoided had they just listened to you. They chose arrogance over intuition. But no longer will they do so. You will have enlightened them, opened their eyes. They will see that there is truly no such thing as mansplaining. Mansplaining is a social construct created by feminist extremists to demonize men. Sound familiar? That’s right. Sexism. As a society, we mustn’t stand for such circumstances. Do away with these preconceived notions of a particular group. It’s unhealthy for the mind and will only lead to you appearing as an idiot.

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