How to make vagina yogurt

“the human vagina is full of lactobacillus so is it possible to ferment milk inside it?”

In order to create yogurt in your vagina, you’ll need the following:

• ⁠5 cups of milk/cream (you can use low fat if you’re on a diet, but cream will make the end-product more… unctuous)
• ⁠A flavoring of your choice. I suggest blueberry.
• ⁠Plastic wrap
• ⁠A whisk

1. ⁠Start by pouring the five cups of milk or cream directly into your cooter. Whisk vigorously.
2. ⁠Slowly raise the temperature of your hoo-ha to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Be careful not to overheat your yoni, as such temperatures will easily kill the bacteria.
3. ⁠After the milk reaches 180 degrees Fahrenheit, let the temperature of your beaver cool until it is approximately 110 degrees Fahrenheit.
4. ⁠Place plastic wrap on the exterior of your meat walls and poke small holes to allow airflow. Leave milk or cream inside of your heated foof overnight. This gives the lactobacillus time to colonize.
5. ⁠Cool poon to 36 degrees Fahrenheit until ready to serve. Add flavoring at time of serving.

Enjoy, OP.

Edit: Queefs up to ten servings.

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