Hypixel skyblock coin begging

There’s one thing that’s universally true about all sb players. They live in their moms basements and play sb 8 hours a day. Sb is their life, they breathe, live, and think skyblock. However, despite all of this, they don’t have fun. Their lives are miserable. They not only have never had a gf, they’ve never even seen a girl besides their moms bringing them their potato chips. And while eating the potato chips, all they think about is how they wish they could transfer those tater chips into skyblock, craft hpbs, and make a profit.

Is it possible to escape this nightmare of a life? In fact, there is. People who are profile wiped are set free from this shithole, and although they are miserable at first, they eventually are freed from the curse and go outside, feeling the green turf between their toes. And they become free, happy, something they haven’t been for a long, long, time.

But what about the people who are still ensnared in the matrix known as skyblock? People who are withering away more and more, each gemstone that they mine taking yet another piece of their soul? How will they ever be free?

I have a solution for you. Give me all of your material wealth in skyblock. Become free. Force away the cruel enchantment laid upon you. Stop being as much as a slave to the game as your own sb minions are to you. The only way to free yourself is to ruin yourself in this fake life you think is important. So give everything to me, every last coin, item, and hour wasted. Lay your burdens upon me, I am willing to make the sacrifice of taking on the burden and ailment of every sb player combined, holding the weight on my shoulders like the titan Atlas.

If you do not do this, you will be unable to leave this fake life controlling you, you will continue to spiral into the depths of horror and the fires of a death without ever accomplishing anything worth anything. You will never touch grass, be free to the heavenly realm of real life, where grass, girls, and more grass lie in glorious wait of a despairing soul freed from its chains.

Do you really want to become a craven demon, destined to play sb until the end of your days? Is 5 billion sb coins really worth more than a girlfriend irl? Ask yourself these difficult questions, make the difficult decisions. You will be all the better for it.

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