Hypothetical Question

this is purely hypothetical, i was just wondering

lets say i had a real life friend who is 3 digit in osu. lets call him Gabe Itch for the sake of anonymity. i hate Gabe Itch behind his back because he backstabbed a mutual friend, who i will call Hugh Janus. basically, the gist of it is, some ForsenCD had been happening, even though Gabe Itch and Hugh Janus were best friends. they are not on good terms now. Hugh Janus is emotionally damaged, and i cant stand to see a friend like this, especially one backstabbed by another. i must get revenge.

we are chilling in Gabe Itch’s room and he is playing osu, tryna set his third 700pp. all of a sudden, he needs to take a huge shit. when i mean huge, i mean huge. i think he had diarrhoea. anyways, finally. this is my time to avenge Hugh Janus. i install a state of the art private aim assist that someone sent me onto Gabe Itch’s computer

now, with the new cheats, Gabe Itch goes on a massive popoff spree. he sets a cool 1.1k pp play on a sotarks map too. he goin wild, shitting out high pp plays like he was shitting out when i was installing them cheats. in this hypothetical scenario, the cheat is detected and Gabe Itch gets restricted sometime later. he finds the cheat on his computer. Gabe Itch will probably blame me, realising my goal of avenging Hugh Janus.

if he says to osu support that i installed the aim assist on his computer, would they believe him and unrestrict him?

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