I (23 F) want to dump my boyfriend (25 F) because he has a compulsive obsession with Morbius. AITA

I have been with my boyfriend for about two years and he was really sweet, funny, intelligent at first and he would always make me feel really safe and respected, but he has completely changed since he saw Morbius. He was a fish cook at a Michelin star restaurant but after he saw the movie a few weeks ago, he stayed home watching it on repeat for about 3 straight days, and he got fired for skipping three straight work days. I don’t think he even slept once! I was starting to get seriously concerned so I asked him if he could turn it off and he screamed “Don’t you dare interrupt Morbin time!”. It was very shocking to me because he had never once raised his voice at me, not even when I accidentally dropped his $3000 guitar down stairs and broke it. He barely leaves the basement now and he does nothing but watch Morbius. I have needed to bring him food because I genuinely don’t think he will eat otherwise, he already looks like he has lost about 10 pounds. I somehow managed to convince him to come upstairs to have sex with me, but he didnt even take his shirt or socks off, didnt give me any foreplay, lifted up my skirt. He then humped my thigh with his semihard cock for about 30 then yelled “I’m gonna Morb!” and came on the bedsheets and left without saying a word. I am seriously concerned and I will need to move back in with my parents because I can’t afford the rent without him working. I want to end the relationship. AITA

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