I (34m) become addicted to pigeoussy after metting the best pigeon prostitute

I (34m) wanted to have some fun in the night, drunk as hell, so I went to our local prostitute spot. But what first intrigued me is why there were only pigeons on it. At first I thought where were all the girls, but I saw 10 pigeons attacking a night lady, driving her out, cooing like hell. I couldn’t believe my eyes, nor my dick. I got hard real hard. I needed some cloaca. I could hear my balls calling for it, dreading it. It was abysmal my need for some pigeoussy. I didn’t know myself anymore, looked at the mirror and asked “what’s wrong with me, what I’m saying to myself”. Then I saw Giovanna. She (3 NB) is a very pretty bird, grayscale with touches of white, small head, black and deep eyes, with two tattoos on her body, one that says “Giovanna the bad bitch” and the other that says “Methamphetamine”, shes gorgeous, but above all, have a very fat pigeon ass. I wanted her. I needed her.

How the fuck would I even approach her? She’s a lady, a night lady, how fucking expensive would it be? I fucking said to myself “whatever price, I will pay”. She was in the corner of the block, cooing and pecking some trash on the street, with two pigeon friends that seemed to me to be flattering her. Of course, they are, who wouldn’t? I would snort crack cocaine and glass to hear her shit bird shit. I drank a little and went close to my car. I stopped close to her and said “hey sugar, what’s the price?”. She said “coo coo coo”. Of course, expensive shit. But I said okay, and she flew into my car. She was carrying a small pink purse and using lipstick in her peck, but she was perfect I swear. I immediately took my dick off, and she started pecking it, first slowly, then very carefully she started to give me a small blowjob with her little tongue. My dick was massive near her, almost her size. But she was very capable of giving me small head. She knew what would I like, she would bring her head up and down like a retarded person but the rhythm would make me even harder. Then I said, “Jesus fucking christ give me your cloaca”. She knew I couldn’t handle it anymore. So she flew, giving her back to me, and started to insert her cloaca on my dick. Very slowly, she let my dick head in her. At first, I thought I would kill her, but to my surprise she could expand herself and let my dick in. It was heaven. It felt like fucking a very feathery pillow hole. It was small and wet and I moaned every centimeter that got in. She stopped at half dick, I don’t believe it could get more in and started to fly and do a motion on my dick that would make me even harder. She was flying in my dick, giving me pigeoussy. With every motion she cooed a little. At first, she was slow, but it got faster and faster, and her wings would move at a faster rate, I started screaming “hell fucking yea take this you fat bird bitch”, while she would coo in ecstasy, flying like she was fleeing a predator. I couldn’t take anymore and I came inside her. God wouldn’t make something more perfect. I was dazzled by the experience. She got the money from my wallet with her little beak said something nice and flew away.

# After 30 minutes I woke up, I was alone in the car. Every day since that night I came back to Giovanna’s spot. Every day I go to heaven. I crave pigeoussy every night. I’m almost broke and took a loan on my house. It doesn’t matter anymore, I need her. So if any of you can give me some money, I will pay it back with interest.

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