I accidentally permanently shrunk and stun my penis growth.

This all happened in the summer of my junior high year.

Back then my family didn’t have tv nor internet so I was very bored. We recently moved to a home and new school and I didn’t have any friends.

One day after school I decided to play with my dick.maybe it’s the hormones. I decide to put soap or shampoo inside a ziplock back and rub my dick inside it.

I used the bag so it wouldn’t get messy.

Long story short, when I shower at night I noticed my penis and scotum has shrunken. I thought that maybe just skin if I shower it will get rehydrate. Big mistake.

Turns out somehow it caused permanent damage to my penis and scrotum. And not only was the shrinkage permanent but also stopped further growth of the genitals.

I really hope that there are medical professionals look into this matter and find out if there is damaging chemicals in shampoo or soap that can cause developmental issues.

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