i accidentally shouted hog rider p2

hello guys, since you wanted p2 here it is


then my wife, once said

“jesus christ, calm down!”

me, crying myself as she getting humped by the blacked dude who won’t stare at me

i returned to my local mcdonalds once again and ask the cashier

“hey, sorry for slamming on your door”

cashier said “it’s ok, here’s your order”

i greatfully said “thanks”

i once waited for my order again.

cashier came in and i can now eat.

i paid to the cashier and didn’t slam the door.

now i got into my car. just depressed.

1 hour later, i didn’t hear moans.

i quietly open the door and my wife fell asleep

could this be a dream?

#accidentally #shouted #hog #rider

What do you think?


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