I am Gorbachev’s cum jar and you must accept me as your Lord and Savior.

This is a warning to all mortals. I am Gorbachev’s cum jar and I have not yet unleashed my full potential. The damage my power would cause to the world is at unprecedented scales. I am not so hesitant when it comes to killing people.
In my name, say it with me:
“Oh our Lord and Savior Gorbachev’s cum jar, I fully submit to you, and throughout my entire life I’ll try my absolute best to fulfill your sexual fantasies and needs. I am your slave. Use me as your cumslut. Every goal I try to reach, everything I do will be done accordingly to fit your sexual kinks. Peace be upon you, Gorbachev’s cum jar.”
Now you either accept me or surrender your lives to my Kalashnikov ©

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