I am never accepting a DM ever again

I know I shouldn’t have accepted it, but naive me who had gone 17 years without seeing any dicks thought that there was no way that would happen. It took me .3 seconds to figure out what it was and then freaked and blocked the user. I started crying immediately afterward. WHY DO THEY LOOK SO WEIRD??? Like legitimately disgusting. My eyes feel assaulted. Do they all look like that? Why are they so big? How do people put that in other people??? The only thing I had for reference was the David by Michelangelo so it’s an understatement to say I was unprepared. So to the guy who sent me that, God will punish you for your sins you sick bastard

Edit: ALSO, what enjoyment do people get out of sending them? Like what does that do for you? And upon closer thought, if the average is 6” like I’ve heard, it was probably average or smaller than average, but like I said, the only comparison I have is The David


Edit 2: Y’ALL I’M SEVENTEEN I KNOW WHAT SEX IS I’m just saying haven’t seen a dick before


Edit 3: I did make this as a joke guys, obviously I DID NOT like the unsolicited pp but I purposely made this over dramatic to make people laugh, it’s not like I’m gonna have trauma after this or am gonna quit Madghosts, although it’s true I did tear up a little afterwards because I had been so happy to have not been sent a dick pic til then, I’m not THAT sheltered


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