I am overy interested in amongus (found on r/trueoffmychest)

Im a (32M)and Ever since the game has become popular it all I can think about. All I can think about is smongus and it has gotten in my personal life. My wife (30F) is threatened to kick me out of the house after I tried making her wear an amongus inflatable costume in bed. Now she is making me get rid of all of the amongus merchandise in the house and I don’t think it’s fair that I paid over 6,000 dollars for amongus merch and now she’s making me get rid of it. I think I should be allowed to keep all my amongus items but she said that if I don’t get rid of it she will kick me out. I realized that I am overly interested in amongus but she thinks that’s the cause of all our problems and I disagree. I even asked her if I could atheist keep the amongus bed sheets but she said NO. I need help to convince my wife to keep the amongus merch, even though she thinks I’m to “old”.

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