I am sick of the biased competitive games that never seem to end, including Rocket League!

I am sick of the biased competitive games that never seem to end, including Rocket League!

Competitive games in today’s society is absolutely broken and isn’t really competitive!!

The ability to join club members or friends in Tournaments / Competitive is bullshit and is biased for people that have friends, or more specifically friends that play the games they play! The amount of times my team has had no chance because we’re going against a team that know each others play styles and usually are always as good as each other gives them an advantage over the playing field! This is NOT Competitive, it’s only pretending to be like nearly every other Competitive game out there!

It’s like the analogy “the rich get richer, while the poorer get poorer”! I have put like 2 grand into this mess of a game and for what, shitty design when it comes to the core purpose of the game?? These developers that have no clue what their doing (like Behavior, a.k.a the developers of Dead By Daylight) do not deserve the money they make as they’re part frauds. I’m beginning to get really despise this capitalist world we live in that favors the rich and the connected… it is an unfair and broken system that is becoming more and more apparent!

I am ABSOLUTELY fine with Rocket League and other games having the ability to party up with friends or clubs, however they should only be able to do that in the casual section of the game! The competitive side should be equal for all players, meaning the matchmaking should be running on your skill as a single person and put you where your meant to be.

I haven’t even mentioned the fact that half of the people in competitive use and abuse the party-up system so they can have their champ or grand champ friend bump them up, meaning they’re pretending to be a plat or diamond when in actuality they’re a gold or plat. This bullshit boosting makes the competitive SBMM even more broken as sometimes your teammates (in fill) aren’t even meant to be in your div.

Developers really need to get their shit together, because if not me, eventually someone will call them all out for their shit and hopefully ruin their reputation within a way!

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