I am the detective 52M who has taken that sick pigeon fucker (the man who put his penis inside a pigeon and murdered it for $750) Jamal 25M into custody (no longer a free man). ama.

You heard it here first folks (people), letting your gloopy glue (cum) into another animal is bestiality (having intercourse with a different member of species) and we here at the Florida police department don’t tolerate that (restricted and most definitely against the law in the state of Florida). That animal abuser is justifiably locked up (in prison) and if I here any more jokes or giggles (laughs) about the situation I will contact the moderator team of this submadghosts (virgins) and your comment and/or post(s) will be shot down (removed). I only hope that Jamal will suffer the same fate (getting shot).

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