I am walking down the street, some girl is leaving the store

I am walking down the street, some girl is leaving the store. I see that she bumps some guy and she dropped her groceries.

I run up to her at helps her.

– Oh, thanks Anon!

– You know my name?

– Yeah, we were going to the same school together.

– Haha, I did forget that.

We did little small talk, I gathered some courage and asked her out. She agreed. Everything goes smoothly. Life is good, man. She moved to my house after a year.

I have good job, her family like me, my family likes her. We adopted a dog.

We are together for 5 years and I feel this is the time.

I ask her if she will marry me.

She says yes.

Beaultiful wedding at the small chapel.

– Are you taking this woman for your wife?

– LLOOOOLLLL, you are kidding me, you are 6/10 MAX! You really though I’ll marry you you ugly bitch? Loooooool what the fuck hahahahaha.

I push pastor, he falls flat to the ground.

She’s shocked.

I’m laughing like crazy.

I’m showing her that all the people in chapel are made out od cardboard.

Dog was made out of cardboard.

Entire 5 year was made out of cardboard.

I’m going back home knowing that I’m the biggest fucking origami master at this side of Detroit.

She commited suicide week ago.

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