I attend a lot of my local KKK chapter’s BBQ’s during the summer purely for the free food.

I live in an area where racism/white supremacy is relatively common (I am not racist) and there’s a KKK chapter in my town and every summer they host BBQ’s with free food. Well one year I was passing by one and I could smell the grill and I got hungry so I pulled over and shook a couple hands, listened to some hate speech and had a free meal.

I’m not racist but that was some of the best BBQ I had so I went to another one and another and so on and before I knew it 6 years have passed and I know tons of local KKK members and I go to pretty much every BBQ during the summer purely for the free food. I will confess I even joined the chapter and hang out with a few of the guys for a poker game or bowling night etc. every once in awhile.

Again I’m not a racist/white supremacist I just like free BBQ plus some of the more chill racists are okay to hang out with because they don’t constantly talk about it. With some of the guys it’s all they talk about and it’s like “I get it you hate people who aren’t white, blah blah blah. Give me my free burger already.”

As a funny side note my grandmother on my mother’s side was Jewish. Obviously none of these guys have any idea and I’m sure as hell not telling them.

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  1. I live in an area where racism/white superiority is relatively common (I am not a silk) and in my town there is a floor section and every summer that has barbecue with free food. It’s been a year, and I can break the network, and I listened to hate conversation, and I had a free meal.

    I’m not racist, but this was the best barbecue party, so I went to someone else, so it’s been six years and I know the local Cookers ton and I’m totally going to get free food from all the big barbecue all summer. I’ll even admit I joined the department and hang some kids like poker or bowling night every time together.

    I’m still a racist and white suburban just like free barbecue and some cooler nannies hanging because they keep talking about it. Every conversation with some kids, and “I hate people other than eggs,” give me a free burger already.

    It was funny to note my grandmother on the mother’s side. I am sure that these men have no clear idea, and I am not telling them.

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