I believe there is lot of evidence within Red Dead 2 to suggest that protagonist Arthur Morgan has a tiny penis.

In a mission in Chapter 2, Micah says that Dutch describes Arthur as “A huge shadow cast by a tiny tree.” This might seem like an allusion to the dichotomy between Arthur’s outward behaviour and his inner personality, but the “tiny tree” is actually an allusion to his tiny penis.

When Arthur takes Jack fishing, he remarks that Jack’s mother, along with many other women, would probably describe Arthur as a child. You might think this is about Arthur’s inability to grow up and move on from his reckless lifestyle, a sentiment echoed by his former lover Mary when she declares that he will “never change,” but it is actually about his tiny, childlike penis.

Speaking of Mary, let’s look at their relationship. Now, the game quite explicitly tells us that the reason she and Arthur separated was because her family did not approve of his outlaw lifestyle and would not allow him to him to marry in to the family’s money. But I think this is actually a metaphor for his tiny penis.

In many bars and saloons throughout the game, Arthur can be approached by prostitutes who offer him a good time. In the first game, protagonist John Marston would automatically turn down prostitutes due to him being married. In this game, Arthur is given the choice to “Decline” or “Reject” the offer. Some have theorised that he does this because he is still in love with, and hopelessly committed to, Mary. I theorise he rejects them out of embarrassment because of his tiny penis.

Perhaps the most concrete piece of evidence is the mission where Arthur and Lenny get drunk at the Valentine saloon. At one point in the mission, the player watches Arthur urinating against the saloon walls in first person. Even if you are wearing nothing but your union suit, the view of Arthur’s penis is entirely obscured by his clothes. Which can only mean that it is, indeed, a tiny penis.

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  1. In Chapter 2, Micah says that the hole was written as a “great shade” cast by a small tree. It can be an allotment between the behavior of the Arthur and his personality, but Zillonka is actually an illusion for his small penis.

    As an artist, the fisherman of Jack noted that the mother of a jack, with many other women, it is likely to be described as a child. She may think that it is inability to develop and move along with her light-minded lifestyle, when she declares that “he will change”, but in fact about her younger child.

    Dream of dreams, looking for their relationship. The game tells him that he and the artist separated because his family did not approve his illegal lifestyle and did not allow him to marry in family money. He is considered a metaphor for his small penis.

    In many times and salons during the game, the artist can be freed from the venoms that provide them a good moment. In the first match, Protagonist John Marston automatically restarted due to the wedding. In this game, the artist is selected to refuse or refuse. Some people believe that he loves himself and expects to marry. He dismissed his little penis.

    It can be the most distinctive element of proof is the mission in which artists and Leningna drink in the Valentine Hall. At some point in the mission, the player sees Dhapura, which saves the halloon in the first person. Even if no one is ubiquitous, but your straw, the idea of a penny of an artist is completely destroyed by his clothes. This means that it is a small penis.

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