I came out to my parents this morning

I came out to my parents this morning.

I’ve known I was zoosexual for quite a while now. I actually lost my virginity about 6 months ago. I’ve always been scared to admit to anyone outside of madghosts though, since its common for femcels and sardine cans (‘women’) to look down on us zoosexuals. With it being pride month though, I finally built up the confidence to show them my true self.

I had a few ideas for how to come out to them, but what was most important was that it was grand and memorable. After a little bit of research on what to do and how to do it, I came to a decision!

They both come home from work at the same time, so I turned all the lights off in the house, and even went so far as to cover the windows. Next, I unrolled paper towels and put them over the dining room table. This was so our dog wouldnt slip when I put him up there… among other things.

I was already naked at this point, but I kept a sock on my cock for decencies sake. Id say the hardest part was keeping my dog on the table. God, he was so hot. I guess you could say the real hardest part was my aforementioned cock. I really dont get why men bother with those sick mayo crusted tuna jars (‘Women’).

And then they came in. My parents.

For context, my mom is unfortunately a sardine can but she’s been beaten enough that shes tolerable. My dad is a huge zoophobe so I was worried about how he would take this.

My mom immediately creamed her panties at the sight of my hairy dung covered cock (I had already stuck it in a bit, and still had the sock on)

My dad immediately ran over and rammed in from behind, showing his zoo-pport for my sexuality. (And no, its not incest if its a train. Technically he was doing the dog)

My mom tried to join in but being the upstanding gent I was, I kicked her right between the meat flaps. Now that my dad was open about his zoophilia we didnt need her anymore.

Our jerk off neighbor walked in to investigate all the moaning and sobbing and threatened to call the police or something. I dont know I wasnt really listening. I kinda just tune out femcel losers. Luckily at that point I was ready to cum so I unleashed an inhuman load right into his mouth to shut him up.

Well, as you can guess that just turned him on. Him and my dad immediately started making out while still doing me from behind (while I continued on our dog).

Cut to three days later, where I no longer have a cunt washer mom who fakes depression and two ultra straight zoosexual dads.

I hope this story helps inspire my fellow pride members out there to come out to their parents. It wont be as bad as you think! Dm if you want some advice 🙂

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