I can just imagine edp having a

Massive rectal prolapse that stitches outta his ass. That’s maybe why he has diahrrea every single fucking time. (rectal prolapse commonly causes diahhrea) (THIS IS REAL) Rectal prolapse is basically your internal guts reforming themselves in their anus & whenever you push it goes out for a moment or stays in place. Thus , if he jerks his smegma penis 10x a day or EVEN MORE times it can also be possible that he has been fingering his butthole nor dildoing his anus . If you’re untightin ur anus , rectal prolapse will come by. Also , i’ve heard from my friend who works at his apartment complex telling me about the weird shit he’s ordering. He ordered 6.5 inch dildo one time & if you’re wondering how he & his co workers know it , i personally have no fucking idea. They are most probably unpacking it since he was caught being a nonce and is most probably under surveillance , this typa person like edp deserves to be hanged by his balls and bitchslapped around & spinning like a steel ball around the whole room shitting over every single wall that is surpassing his acts. He always slanders shit about a person being a faggot even though he jerks himself off to loli & gay furry porn. It has been leaked by the co workers of my friend that informed the ISP , bro has a free wi-fi. Also one thing to note is that he shits all over his bed & he leaves cum stains on his desk for the cleaning ladies. I needed to get this outta my chest

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