I can’t take it, I want to fuck the school’s femboy!

So I (M19) have been watching this femboy we have at school for a long time, he comes from the same class as me, he has long black hair and white-ish skin, he is really skinny but has pretty thick thighs, he always comes to school dressed in baggy shirts and skirts, high thighs and chokers… I can’t fucking take it man, he is do damn hot, every time I see him I get a massive erection, I don’t even know if he is interested in me god damnit, I just want to fuck him so badly, I want to make him squirt and call me daddy as I destroy his femboy ass, I want to smack my dick on his soft cheeks and fill him with my cum, I want it so fucking badly I’d litterally kill for him, I just want to make him happy and cuddle him after a long sex section, should I ask him out?

#fuck #schools #femboy

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