I caught my 15 year-old son having sex with his brother’s Minecraft pickaxe…

i know right away this sounds absurd, but it’s very much real. Anyway, my second oldest, “Michael” is 15 now, and it’s pretty obvious that he’s doing what any teenage boy does now

He has an older brother, so we all know how teenagers work, and that is in no way the actual issue. the issue that’s arose is that random household objects have started going missing, then reappearing where they were before

here’s the bad part: I came home unexpectedly early this monday. “Michael” was the only one at home, so I thought I’d check in, since his door was open. I didn’t see anything explicit, but he was very obviously buckling his pants when I walked in.

I was mortified, but I completely froze when I saw his brother’s foam Minecraft pickaxe laying right next to him on the bed. I point blank asked him what his brother’s Minecraft toy was doing in his room, and all the color drained from his face

He didn’t say anything for a little while, then immediately started begging me to leave, almost pushing me out the door, I think he yelled “I’m sorry” from behind his closed door, but I’m not sure

I’m absolutely shaken up about this whole situation. I haven’t told my husband, and I snuck in to Michael’s room, retrieved the Minecraft axe and threw it away, since there’s no way his brother’s gonna have it again. I don’t know what to do, Michael can’t even look me in the eye anymore, and the fact that he did that with his brother’s toy almost makes it hard to look both of them in the eye

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