I chose to study Engineering in College.

After that, i shall become richer than all the billionaires put together, buy all the actual countries of the world, reign as the queen of earth which i will promptly rename “GAYa”, ban heterosexuality (i’ll make an exception for people who know the lyrics of “born this way” by heart), ban oil companies, remove traditional renewable energies and build nuclear powerplants, invest in space exploration, build a momentum spaceship docking station in orbit, start harvesting resources from meteorites, start an expedition to the center of our galaxy which i will rename “Big Voluptuous Bouncy Milky Way”, find the black hole, rename it “De Bussy” in honor of the famous pianist and build a dyson sphere around it. Now that we have unlimited energy, i will invest on research of a method to reverse entropy, once we do that our mission as inhabitants of the universe has ended. We have saved the universussy from heat death. We can finally ascend to deities. We have complete knowledge of how the universe works, we are able to live in higher dimensions. However we start getting bored so we decide to create a 3-d simulation of a big explosion, which i will refer to as “The Big Bangussy”, which will be broadcast live in all televisions and be the main form of entertainment of the posthuman society. After the big bangussy planets will form, and so will life, and so will straight cis white catholic men which we will all see and laugh about on our 11-dimensional sofa.

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