I couldn’t hold it,I finally fucked a pigeon

I (M39) Is just an average delivery guy that got assigned to send pigeon sex apparel to this neighborhood, the most requested item is pigeon sized femboy clothing so I got very hard everytime I imagine seeing a pigeon wearing those clothes, sometimes I masturbate using the femboy clothes just to satisfy myself.

Then one day, my horny was really bad, like really really bad, my whole body start to sweating, breathing heavily, my eyes was red, and water coming out of my mouth, I said to myself “it’s pigeon time” and drive as fast as I can breaking the traffic law and as soon as I arrived at the pigeon sex town, I ran out of my van and undress myself Infront of a flock of sexy pigeon, as soon as the pigeon see my hard raging cock they immediately know what to do, they all offering thier small pigeonussy and I immediately pick the one with the biggest booty, just to get bamboozled because it’s turns out as soon as I put my dick inside the best pigeon, they knew I will became weak and too focused on 1 pigeon so they all start smacking and cumming every single part of my body and before I knew it, I blacked out, when I wake up, I see the pigeons dragging my body to thier secret dungeon and throwing me on the cells along with all other pigeon fucker.

One week later they release me along with some other people, I cannot tell what they did to us back in the dungeon, all I know is most of the people who were released were spared purely out of sympathy, and on that day, I decided to take revenge there will be no other victim, even tho I enjoyed the intercourse, it’s just too dangerous to kept it existing, therefore I’m looking for members to help, watch out pigeons, I’m coming for you.

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