I crashed my bike and it turned into a Nazi sympathizer r/fixit

Hi guys, I (M19) crashed my bike going downhill too fast when my brakes gave out :(. The front tire was squeaky before, but now it keeps shouting stuff at me in German every time I try to ride my bike. It’s really annoying because people stare on the street, and it’s really loud, too. Like I’ll be trying to take a right turn and my bike shouts “VOLKSGENOSSEN SAMMELT EUCH FÜR DAS DEUTSCHE VOLK” and people stare and it makes me really uncomfortable (I’m kind of shy). Or when cars overtake me, my bike shouts “MINDERWERTIGES AMERIKANISCHES AUTO”.

What can I do? :(((((

#crashed #bike #turned #Nazi #sympathizer #rfixit

What do you think?

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