i definitely wrote this for this submadghosts and didn’t say this to someone haahhaahh

It’s genuinely insane how you say some of the most stupid and degenerative things I have ever heard without a drop of irony, and have the nerve to call me delusional. You are delusional. You are trapped in this bubble of believing that it is impossible for you to be wrong, or to be flat out stupid, when in reality it almost always the exact opposite You need to take some time to yourself, and really reflect on what you’ve said and done. I’m sure you are going to call me a hypocrite because I’ve done similar things, but what I have done were genuine mistakes, that I cried over. The one time you cried over or felt any remorse at anything you’ve ever done was when it actually had repercussions. Every other time you never deny and actually sometimes laugh about them. It’s not funny. I don’t know what your problem is, if you have some sort of mental illness, but you need to seek genuine help. I don’t know how you even live with yourself. I barely do. I try to act like I don’t absolutely despise you when we are in groups, because I worry it may kill the mood, but god do I. You are a piece of shit and need to either realize that and help yourself, or seek someone who could help you professionally.

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