I did something stupid on Omegle and now im being blackmailed

Last night I got drunk and got on Omegle just for fun. I got on and decided that it would be ok if I showed my cock and balls and asshole. In the middle of this someone says that they are recording this chat and that they have my IP address and if I don’t do what they want they will hack into my computer. They said they have my Facebook name and password and my email addresses. They said that they were going to post it to my Facebook and to all of my contacts in my email. All I have done is change my IP address because that’s all i really know how to do. They said that by the morning they were going to have all of the information that is on my computer. Can they really hack into my computer using just my IP address, or is this just a hoax? I really don’t want to take any chances so is there anything that I can do to stop it or is it just something that is out of my hands?

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