I ejaculated all over my mom’s $15000 violin

So my mom is Chinese and I recently learned how to masturbate. After like a few months it kind of become an addiction. Wake up, jerk off, go back to sleep, wake up again and feel like shit, go through my day, at night jerk off to sleep. Usually I’d do it 1-2 times per day. I think I only managed to do it 3 times in a day once?

Basically, I tried to stop doing it for a bit. After about 2 weeks I was feeling pretty great, but stupid me decided to go onto a porn site. Instantly, I got horny as fuck again. This was in the living room and I was using my laptop. My mom was practicing her violin earlier for her concert and she left it on her chair, case open. I was too horny to notice it, so I was jerking off on the couch. After a few minutes, I instantly remembered that I was trying to stop doing it. So I stopped jerking off. But, somehow, I had already gone past the point beyond control. I tried to stop it. I stood up, took my hands off, and let it calm down. After about 10 seconds, I thought I was safe. I went to bend down to get my underwear when I felt it coming. I tried to stop it so I spread my legs apart and tried to think of the least horny thing possible. Nothing worked. Suddenly, a massive load came, like 2-3x bigger than my normal ejaculation. Me being stupid thought I could control it so I wasn’t paying attention. The ejaculate landed ALL over the violin, as well as a bit on the floor, curtains, and wall.

At this point, I was freaking the fuck out. I took the violin to the bathroom and started washing it. I didn’t care if the violin broke. It getting wet was better than my mom seeing the cum on it. I kept scrubbing it, but the semen had already dripped inside the violin. I knew I was fucked. I spent the next hour trying to wash it, but I knew I was only making it worse. There was no going back now. I decided the best thing to do would be to hide it and let it dry. My mom wasn’t coming back for the next 4 hours, or so I thought. So, a lot of the cum was still there. I spent the next few minutes cleaning up the curtains, wall, and floor. Keep in mind, I still hadn’t put on any clothes yet.

So remember how my mom wasn’t supposed to come back for the next hour? Well guess what, I was wrong. I didn’t even notice her, but instantly she swung the door open. She saw me naked and she screamed “I’m sorry dear!” and was just about to close the door, when she saw her cum and water covered $15000 violin on the chair next to the window. She screamed “WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY VIOLIN!” She tried to not look at me but I could tell she was extremely mad. She got her violin and got in the car. I don’t know where she went, but I sat there sitting on the floor in shame for 5 minutes, when I finally got the courage to put on my clothes and hide in my room.

A few hours later, she came back. I don’t know why she made it so fucking awkward although I can’t blame her, but she said “[u/Aprostifilily](https://www.madghosts.com/u/Aprostifilily/), you need to learn not to get toothpaste on my violin” and she said a bunch of other stuff to me. But look, she said FUCKING TOOTHPASTE. I could tell she was trying to be nice about it, but that just made it a whole ton fucking more embarrassing. Apparently a few days later, she got some guy to fix up her violin somehow although it was still a bit damaged and she had to get the strings and some other parts replaced.

That’s the story of how I ejaculated over my mom’s $15000 violin.

*Btw, I managed to kinda break my porn addiction and I haven’t watched porn for a month now or relied on masturbation for pleasure*

Some asked questions:

– Why watch porn in the living room?: My mom wasn’t there and nobody else was going to be home for a while and I just happened to be there already

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