I found a jar that my husband has been ejaculating in and I threw it away. He got very upset with me.

So I’m a woman in my 30’s. I made a throwaway because I don’t want this tied to my main account at all. Yesterday our garbage disposal stopped working and I was trying to see why so I was looking around under the sink and I moved stuff out to get in there to look around more easily. In the very back tucked away was a mason jar that I thought was just over halfway full of kitchen grease at first but I realized it wasn’t grease…I thought it looked like semen. I made the mistake of opening it and by the smell I knew that it was definitely semen. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Disgusted I threw it away in the dumpster outside. It had to have been my husband’s but I don’t know why he would save semen in a jar.

My husband got home and I asked him about it. He seemed very embarrassed and confessed it was indeed a jar full of semen he was filling for almost a year. I was shocked and asked him why? He said whenever it was my time of the month or I wasn’t in the mood he’d jerk off into the jar after I went to bed. I asked him why not go in the toilet or use tissues or the shower or something. Why a fucking jar? He couldn’t answer that other than saying hes been doing this since he was a kid. I told him I want him to stop using a jar because it’s disgusting. He told me he didn’t want to and asked where the jar was. I told him I threw it away and he was upset! He said it took him a long time to fill the jar that much and now he had to start over and we argued about him using a jar to store old jizz in.

I still don’t understand why he wants to fill a jar for fucks sake. We argued about it and during the argument he opened the refrigerator, took a large jar of pickles and dumped it out and started rinsing it out and said, “This is the cum jar now!” Before I knew it I’m literally screaming at my husband about cumming in jars and told him he can either cum in me or the jar but not both. He clutched the jar and stormed off to the bathroom. I was literally speechless.

I sat down and started watching TV trying to take my mind off it when he came out and joined me and tried to patch things up. I asked him where he hid the jar and he wouldn’t fucking tell me! He told me we should just forget about the fight, he apologized to me and told me he’d make sure I didn’t have to see the jar if I didn’t want to. I wanted us to stop fighting so I agreed and we didn’t speak about it for the rest of the night. He fell asleep early but I laid in bed for over an hour thinking about the fucking jar. I don’t understand why he’s so intent on doing something so disgusting and I’m still angry about it.

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