I Fucked A Femboy At School.

There is this really hot 12-13 year old femboy at my school, I first had a crush on him when I saw his cute face with really long blonde hair that was bending over in front of me, I realized he had Heterochromia (multi-colour eyes) which made me have more of crush on him. What triggered me to touch him is when he came into school with girly clothes like a pink sweater and tight jeans, I went up to him and started stroking his hair, he started purring which made me really horny, He then started screaming at me so I got mad and put his ass on the chair and started fucking him. He got really scared and even asked me to stop, he screamed louder. Teachers tried to get me off him but it was too late, my sticky warm fluid already entered his ass and he felt it, he felt really embarrassed so he started crying. After I finished breeding him, I apologized if I spanked him too hard when we fucked, He said it was alright and then we kissed.

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