I fucked a fly (part 2)

Hey guys, I was finally able to solve the fly problem. It’s been a weird few months and I’m glad it’s finally behind me. So here’s the update.

Following my sexual assault of the fly I wrote about, I fell sick and tested positive for chlamydia psitacci in the ER. This resulted in a severe case of psittacosis which caused pneumonia. I felt like absolute shit, but a few days on a ventilator and IV fluids/antibiotics brought me back up to speed. 

Extremely embarrassed, I told the doctor I had engaged in unprotected sex with a fly. I left out the “nonconsensual” detail to avoid being prosecuted. He told me I got off easy and if I weren’t an otherwise healthy young man, it could’ve been fatal. He advised me to avoid all sexual activity and physical contact with flies. 

When I was discharged, I arrived back home to the usual mob of flies, buzzing, moaning and humping me. I had to walk through the parking lot spraying some fly repellent to keep them at bay. I fell into a deep depression for a few days after getting home, but soon I read some powerful bible verses and built the strength to overcome it.

I ordered some cyanide off the dark web and planned to publicly execute one of the pigeons in way that would establish a negative association with being manhandled by my alpha cock. 

This time, I took a condom and rubbed a thin layer of Vaseline over it that the cyanide would stick to. I used a mia khalifa video to get erect so that I could put it on my cock. Then I cracked a window open, grabbed a fly and took it to the bathroom.

I held him over the toilet bowl and violently pounded his ass but this time with my cyanide cock. He was cooing and moaning, and he came three times. As I was about to finish, I removed the condom and came all over his wings, then I released him to the balcony. 

He died abruptly in front of his friends, but surprisingly they weren’t fazed by it. They started to hump his wings because my cum was on them. Once they got bored of that they resumed banging on the windows, buzzing/moaning and begging for the dick.

Still determined, I stepped out to the hallway and by chance met a new next-door neighbor who was moving in, Jamal. I offered him $500 to bang a fly with his gorgeous black cock(no homo), $750 if he goes raw. He firmly obliged.

Jamal went to his balcony and out in the open, he penetrated a male fly with his enormous black cock (raw). He fucked it passionately like a bull, with slow, explosive thrusts. It was kind of hot to be honest. When he came inside the fly with his final thrust, it died. His cock was beautiful, the girth was incredible. It was poetic like a scene from a movie. (NO HOMO)

My plan worked. Now the flies are infatuated with him and him only. My little sissy johnson could not compare to his beautiful black cock. I feel kinda bad but it’s dog eat dog out there, not my problem anymore.. oddly I’m a bit jealous but I pray to Jesus Christ our lord and savior to cleanse my mind of these dark thoughts..

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