I fucked a frog while drunk.

So I (m23) was having a walk near my local river, I was somewhat drunk as I came back from a night with my friends (I have this one friend who is a femboy and I think he fucked his cousin) and felt really horny, so horny that I had to sit down near the river and start jerking off furiously, without even caring about all the animals that were staring at me. And then it happened, a small, green frog jumped on my penis, she was just so small and sexy, I couldn’t take it, feeling her on my cock was amazing, so I did what every sane man would have done: I grabbed her and raped the shit out of her, forcing myself into her as she screamed in pleasure, fucking her until I came deep inside her frogussy. Tho the pressure inside her was too strong and she ended up flying away like a rocket, clashing into a rock and falling back into the river. Best. Sex. Ever.

#fucked #frog #drunk

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