I had intercourse with my dog.

At the time I was seven years old. I had recently walked in on my parents wrestling in bed naked which was apparently a family tradition. I didn’t have a gf yet (Ps. I still don’t have one) so you knew my seven year old hormones raging. I constantly looked at my dog, his massive, sweaty balls dangling. Enough was enough. One day, when my parents were gone, I stuffed my 2 centimetre cock inside the dog. “Ruff ruff” I heard as my massive 2 centimetre penis went in and out his ass. Everyday, I would have intercourse with my dog, it was enjoyable. One day, when I heard strange noises from my parents’ bedroom, I knew they were wrestling. I barged in their room, my penis still inside my dog’s ass. I proudly showed them I too would follow the family tradition.

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