I had my sexual awakening at 18 because of a videogame character

For context, I’m 18F. I always thought I was weird for not finding typical things sexually appealing,
but I figured after I finished puberty that I just wasn’t gonna develop sexual desires. I had accepted I was asexual and that was that.

And then I started playing Genshin Impact, and suddenly that changes. I always found those people who obsess over anime characters to be kind of cringe and annoying, but I honestly understand now. You find a character that fits into your niche, and boom. Apparently I just had super specific sexual desires that hadn’t surfaced before, and I found this out when I googled a Genshin character’s name and found art of them getting railed.

So yeah. I guess I like pegging now. I had no idea of any of this, but it’s at the point that I can barely look at this fictional game character without getting at least a little horny for him. A little distracting honestly. As someone with zero experience being sexually attracted to anything, this is like an entirely new world to me. It’s so strange.

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  1. And I’m 18F.
    But after the end of matura, I wanted to develop sexual desire. He agreed that he was a man and a man with everything that he was.

    He started playing at genshin and change. We always found that this people see animated and be a bit of sin and consciousness, but now understand. Characters that love the neck and boom. He probably has certain sexual desires, did not appear before, He finds the name of the character of genshin and found when he found a respected art.

    I agree now. I had no idea of them, but at the moment when I wanted to see a novel character, at least some hot for him. a small turn. Like someone of zero experience, experience has brought nothing, and it is the same as the new world. It’s too busy.

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