I hate it when people take their stupid children in public

Like we get it dude, YOU HAVE SEX. Stop fucking carrying around your overgrown sperm and flaunting it to the world. People who do this are the epitome of narcissism and egocentrism. Constantly wanting to show society the fruits of their coital labor. It’s especially annoying when the child cries. Basically the parents are just carrying around an alarm that says HEY LOOK AT US!!!! WE HAD SEX! I JAMMED MY ROCK HARD DICK INTO HER MOIST TENDER PUSSY AND HERE’S PROOF!. seriously? Since when is being sexually active a status symbol? If anything, it’s gross to involve people in your own personal affairs. I can’t even look at someone with their small child without imagining their overweight 40 year old ass getting aggressively pounded, ew. Seriously, people who do this need to burn in hell. Stop forcing society to deal with your stupid ass semen demon, no one gives a shit if you have sex.

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