I have become a wojak maniac and I think I need to take this to the grave

Im obsessed with wojaks, I LOVE wojaks, I want wojaks. There is nothing called too much wojaks. I dont like it when people I dont like use wojaks. I like it when people I like use wojaks to make the people I dont like seem bad.

This started back in 2014 when my friend showed me a hip and cool reaction image, I asked what it was called and he said a wojak and after that I became ADDICTED. Whenever i see someone I dont like use a wojak it sends me into a deep state of anxiety and panic. `I cherish these but why must god allow them to be corrupted and desecrated like this` I think to myself, Its even got to my personal life.

After seeing someone I dont like use a wojak I had to eat dinner. My skin was a sickly and ghostly white and I was sweating more than a pig in a suit `hey sport` said my dad “why do you look scared, is it about the Ice cream spandex incident? It was 3 years ago’ he said, concerned “no dad Im just…. nervous with school” I said, barely even able to muster up the words “Ok then just let me know if you need help”

I want the wojak tradwife and e girl to be my girlfriend so we can live in rural Norway and eat lamb and cabbage soup while discussing the current state of anime and video games. Its not fair no woman would ever dress up like them to make me happy and im not even asking for much it isnt fair.

I dont know, understand, or even like how people can get happiness from pepes. They are just frogs way beneath us in the food chain while wojaks represent the human condition in such a personal way that no one will ever be able to replicate

In conclusion, if I dont like you. Do not use wojaks EVER. They deserve to be cherished and not desecrated and massacred by your filthily cringe hands. If im arguing with you and you portray me as the soyjak and you as the chad you are worse than hitler you abomination of a human being. Its ok when I do it since I have spent an entire year trying to get wojak nfts into the market and that sort of dedication put me above all of you simpletons

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