I have been tricked.

I have been tricked, I have been bamboozled, and I have most definitely been backstabbed! I thought I had done it, that I had meet the love of my life through discord. She had “she/her” in her roles, she said UwU and OwO like any female would, and to top it off she has a lovely anime profile picture. But as I would soon find, looks would be deceptive.

So it all happened in a discord server, right? I was mod in the server, doing my duties, banning anyone who posted memes in #general or who talked back to me and my authority. And one day, this female showed up. She had a beautiful and I must say arousing anime profile picture. So I dmed her and we seemingly hit it off. I called her kitten, she sent me the cutest emojis and we talked for days. I knew she must be very beautiful since she had an anime profile picture, and there I was content with what I thought was the love of my life. Everything was great, nothing could possibly go wrong.

And then it came time for us to vc, I started the call, eager to hear my kitten speak. She joined, my cock was so hard that I was jerking myself off in anticipation. This was it, the next step in our relationship, she was about to speak in vc! I was bracing in anticipation, about to finally lay witness to her beautiful, soft petite little voice.

But to my horror, I was greeted with not the sounds of a beautiful, petite female, but to the voice of a man! A rough, crude, 26 year old sounding man who belched with every other word he made. The smell of days old cheetos meshed together with his teeth wafted even though the screen of our discord call. He laughed a cruel, mirthless laugh as he reveled in the shock and trauma I was faced with after learning I had been catfished. After learning that my sweet, soft, beautiful princess was nothing but a shitty gross man this whole time! My mouth was agape, I could not even speak, I was speechless. Once I had come to my senses, this imposter was banned indefinitely, and I engaged in an hour long rant about my situation as well as the scarcity of real females in this cruel, cruel world. I questioned if women even existed. Maybe they were just a lie made up by the government? Who knows? I certainly didn’t.

Regardless, after this incident I will never open up my heart again. I will never open up my heart again after being tricked and scammed out of my time and affection by an imposter simply donning the mask of a petite female. I shall never love again, never in my life.

Oh, wait, what’s that? Oh my, could it be? Is that a lovely female with an anime profile pic who just joined my server? Sweet non existant Heaven’s waifu it is! It is ineed a female with an anime profile picture! Me likes what me sses! Hold on for a second, please. I have something mod related I need to do. 😏


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