I have declared war on my masturbation addiction.

I have declared war on my masturbation addiction

Greetings Madghosts,

We have been hammered by the wrath of pornography and internet girls for decades. It is time to put an end to it today. As of today, March 1st, 2022 at 12:00 AM, me and my friend WhifuPimp have decided to declare an all-out war against our addiction. It has plagued us for too long, and we must stomp it out of our daily lives. The enemy has restricted us from our supply of intimate female interactions, as well as glowing skin, and it has crippled us for a long time. Now, we pick up our arms, and we have decided that enough is enough. We are going to war.

We would be happy for everyone else to join us and provide us of their support as we go on to defeat the enemy for good, and take back what is ours.


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