I have lost all hope in humanity

I have lost all hope in humanity.

How can so many people (trump supporters, christian conservatives, etc) be so delusional and so wrong for so long? I don’t get it. I honestly don’t get it.

I’m a reaching a depressing tipping point in that I feel obligated to do absolutely nothing and just sit at home and waste away. I look on madghosts and I’m disgusted. I look on twitter and I’m disgusted. I turn on the TV and I’m disgusted. Humanity has permanently turned me off to us ever having a functioning society.

Edit: Most of you were helpful, thanks, even though several of you only reinforced my disgust of humanity, and I wasn’t the least bit surprised when five of you who actually suggested suicide.

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  1. He lost all hopes for mankind.

    Many people may be a supporter of the repairs. I don’t want him

    not only sits in the house without anything completely but also the unpleasant point. and look at reddit, I am the dedit. let’s see on twitter. It starts and appreciates television. They succeeded me, and they were social.

    Completion: most helpful, some of them strengthen humanity, but I was not surprised when I live them at least.

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