I held my nut for 2 months

I wouldn’t recommend it.

I did it because I heard that your balls were supposed to physically hurt if you didn’t nut for a while so I wanted to hold my nut until they started hurting. I ended up holding it from the 18th of July to the 19th of September, and it was absolutely horrible. I became irritated a lot more easily than usual, I couldn’t focus on anything, I was excessively unproductive, and I literally could not make eye contact with a remotely fuckable female without immediately getting desperate for her vagina to be wrapped around my penis.

I gave up after 2 months because I didn’t think my balls would ever start hurting before my life started to become ruined. It’s been over a month since that humongous nut, and now I am actually addicted to masturbation far more than I ever was before the no nut challenge that I went through. I’m still trying to recover myself to control myself a little better like before. Literally I used to be a happier person before I did the challenge and now I am slightly less happy.

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  1. I didn’t want this to recommend.

    I heard the bullets to be physically wounded if it was not slept for some time, so I wanted to keep their nuts until hurt. She ended her from 18 July to 19 September and was absolutely terrified. She was more disappointed than usual, she could not focus on a woman, and was too inactive and literally could not connect visual contact with a distant female, without immediate thought that her glory was around my penis.

    After two months, he did not think that the ball had begun to run before my house began to ruin. It was over a month since it was masked to the masturbation. He always tried to regain control of the mna as early as. He was literally happy before the challenge and is now less happy.

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