I just cringed your post

I just cringed your post.

>What does this mean?
The amount of basedness (points) on your post has decreased by one.

>Why did you do this?
There are several reasons I may deem a comment to be unworthy of positive or neutral basedness. These include, but are not limited to:

Rudeness towards other Chuds,

Spreading pro-lgbtqia+ propaganda,

Ironic shitposting not correctly flagged with a soijak.

>Am I banned from the forum?
No – not yet. But you should refrain from making comments like this in the future. Otherwise I will be forced to issue an additional cringe, which may put your commenting and posting privileges in jeopardy.

>I don’t believe my comment deserved a cringe. Can you based it?
Sure, mistakes happen. But only in exceedingly rare circumstances will I undo a cringe. If you would like to issue an appeal, shoot me a reply explaining what I got wrong. I tend to respond to replies within several minutes. Do note, however, that over 99.9% of cringe appeals are rejected, and yours is likely no exception.

>How can I prevent this from happening in the future?
Accept the cringe and move on. But learn from this mistake: your behavior will not be tolerated on 4chan.org. I will continue to issue cringes until you improve your conduct. Remember: 4chan is privilege, not a right.

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