I just screenshotted your NFT. (original comment by u/Mr_hushbrown)

I just screenshotted your NFT.

You may be concerned about this. In case you are, please read the below:


Why did you screenshot my NFT?

I’m not going to tell you.

Did you screenshot anybody else’s NFTs?

You could say I am screenshotting everybody’s NFTs, but in the case I am telling you that I screenshotted your NFT.

How are you screenshotting my NFTs?

I screenshot when you post them on your profile.

What are you planning to do with my NFTs?

Have them all.

What do I do about you screenshotting my NFTs?

There’s nothing you can do.

When are you going to stop screenshotting my NFTs?

You cannot escape me.

Do I call the police?

No. The authorities will not help you.

What are the consequences of you screenshotting my NFTs?

Be aware.

What if I am ok with you screenshotting my NFTs?

I will make sure you’re not.

If there are any more questions then please consult your NFT wallet by directly speaking to it.


I am screenshotting your NFTs.

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