I keep farting at my neighbor through my air conditioning unit.

The day the garbage truck comes, my neighbor rolls up their bin *at the same time* every Friday evening, uncannily punctual… The first time this happened, I was laying in my bed messing on my phone beside the A/C unit. I heard my neighbor rolling up their bin to park it near my window. My window unit does a poor job of sound dampening, if anything the radiator amplifies sound. I had a big fart brewing and thought it would be funny to let it rip into the unit and see if they could hear it. Next thing I hear is a shocked “WTF?!” I couldn’t contain myself and run out of my bedroom dying laughing… Now, I look forward to doing this weekly, as per tradition. I don’t always have a fart locked and loaded, so when I’m actually able to deliver is always sporadic. The shock and laughter of her brings us both great joy although is fairly weird considered we’ve never spoken and only communicate through air conditioning farts.

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