I kinda have a kink…

Whenever I get anal I like to dress up as a US senator and make chicken sounds when he thrusts. It feels so good when I am dressed up as a senator. I can appreciate it much more. For example… 1st he thrusts and it feels so good 2nd (Chicken mode active) bawk bawk bawk bawkah. I have been divorced multiple times because of my kink. It is the only way I will have sex. I have been to a therapist and gave up because they tell me not to do it. I keep doing it for the pleasure of feeling what its like being fucked as a US senator and anyone who doesnt like it can go F off. I dont know if its the fact that its the only way I will have sex or that I have it. Does anyone have some advice for me and my kink. Also do US senators get pregnant? I have had 12 abortions because of my kink and I am having financial problems because of my kink. Please does anyone have advice? I cannot keep any partners and I lost the love of my life because of my kink. Send links to outfits a senator would wear please

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