I knew a guy in college like this.

I knew a guy in college like this. We’d go out to drink. He was annoyingly good looking so women would fawn over him. When the bar closed he would almost always bring a girl back to the apartment. But, instead of having sex with the girl he would play Guitar Hero. Now, he was really fucking good at Guitar Hero. He routinely skipped class and played it all day. Then he went out to drink and came back and played it all night. Watching him was pretty impressive and Guitar Hero was really in vogue at the time. At some point though (45 minutes, 2 hours, dawn), the girl would realize this dude had no interest in sex. Zero. He only wanted someone to watch him play Guitar Hero. All of his roommates and friends were pretty much sick of it but he still fucking loved it. I think that was sex for him. I don’t think he could imagine anything better. Playing Guitar Hero alone, for him, was essentially masturbation. But having someone watch how good you are at Guitar Hero? That’s the real deal. The girl would leave either in astonishment or anger. His roommates hated it because the angry ones always yelled a lot and woke them up.

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