I knew my girlfriend had an OnlyFans but she’s basically in an online sex relationship with a 50 year old man named Pablo.

So me and my girlfriend have been together about 9 months, when we got together she was very clear that she was on onlyfans. I appreciated her being honest, and I’m not gonna lie and say I was fine with it but I really liked this girl and she was super sweet and caring (still is) so I decided to give it a shot still. Tbh I haven’t really thought about it much during our time together and haven’t looked at her onlyfans once, well until yesterday. I’m not sure why but I decided to have a look yesterday which led me to find some shit I didn’t want to see. At first I was on my own phone and made an account as I haven’t actually tried onlyfans before and then I saw she was advertising “Hot and Steaming sexting sessions” which peaked my curiosity shall we say.

Then I decided to go on her laptop and go through her onlyfans from her account. Which brings me to Pablo, Pablo is “the best daddy ever” and has the “hottest cock in the world” (direct quotes from her). from what I could tell Pablo has spent about 10,000$ on my girlfriend, and let’s say she’s provided lots in return. A quick list of some of the things I found was, a photo with his name on her boobs. A video of her pleasuring herself SCREAMING his name, and the icing on the cake was a video which really really crossed the line for me where she was once again pleasuring herself but this time she was talking about how she couldn’t wait to have sex with him and his “perfect cock” behind her boyfriends back(me) and how she couldn’t wait for him to cum on the necklace I got her for her birthday.

So basically I got very pissed, I’m not sure if they were actually planning to do it in real life or if it was just some sexual thing but still Jesus Christ . I confronted her about it and her response was basically ummmm yeah You know I do onlyfans right, that’s how it works. At this point I just left the apartment and am staying at a friends place now. What in the fuck do I do? Surely I have to break up with her right?

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  1. have really hot gay anal sex with pablo, super fucking sensual at first, and then really rough, and then alternate between that, just really mentally degrading sex, for hours, if you cum keep going, don’t stop, really mindfuck him, halfway through just start abusing and yelling at him force him to say he needs your cock, make him submit to your inferior cock, record it all and send it to your gf, then marry pablo and having a very fulfilling relationship, mentally, emotionally, and sexually, and then divorce him and leave him destitute, he’ll realize how alone he is without you and it’ll drive him into a deep dark depression from which he’ll never recover.

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