I lost my rights after telling someone to kill themself.

So I was on r/Politics discussing the political and economic state of the world with several intelligent individuals men when one of them told me my mommy is fat. I responded by saying “kys”. I decided to take a break from pushing lgbtq rights on madghosts and binged watch every morbius movie. Of course my phone was on do not disturb so i could focus. After several hours of morbing, I opened up my phone to hundreds of notifications. I was banned from madghosts. I lost my job. My family left me. The police came to my house and masterbated all of my cum out of me. Then they castrated my balls. My house was taken away and I was deported to brazil. Be a good madghostsor. Don’t be like me. From now on I post wholesome memes on r/wholesomememes and try to not get beaten on the streets of brazil from clowns.

#lost #rights #telling #kill #themself

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