I love femboys

I have a femboy addiction and I need help

I found out about femboys over 1 year ago and I have been thinking about them non stop and it’s getting pretty serious. I’m afraid to tell my parents about because I’m just embarrassed to say “hey I’ve been thing about men wearing skirts and thigh high socks for the past 1 year non stop”. I don’t know what to do even On my main account i joined femboy submadghostss but didn’t post there i joined r/femboy discord server. I don’t know why I have this addiction but I just do and all im thinking about is femboys this my sound like a joke but no I have an addiction to femboys for some reason and I can’t stop I’ve been learning new hobbies to see if I can stop thinking about it I’ve tried meditation, dnd warhammer40k, guitar AND NOTHING IS WORKING I CANT STOP THINKING ABOUT FEMBOYS. Again this is not a joke I need help I’m to embarrassed to tell my parents or my Therapist. This is not a joke I have a serious femboy addiction

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