i love pewdiepie so much

whenever im watching pewdiepie, my penis starts to rise. his voice is like an angel and it’s like my dick is rising up, making it’s way to heaven. whenever i see sweden on a map, or even when someone mentions it, my mind immediately goes to the swedish youtuber and i get a raging boner.
i have pewdiepie posters hanging all over my wall, and cum stains on my pewdiepie bed sheets.
one time when i was watching pewdiepie, i rubbed my schlong so hard it started to bleed. it hurt a lot, but it made me even harder.
i used my bleeding cock to write “PEWDIEPIE” on my wall
to this day, the blood stains are still there, though they have faded a bit
i want to suck pewds swedish meatballs so bad, it hurts.
i want him to bro fist me in the ass
i want to be his bitch lasagna
he made me fail no nut november 3 times in a row, but that’s okay because its pewdiepie
i want to cuddle with him while watching spongebob and then give him a blowjob when the outro plays
felix, if you’re reading this, can we have sex please
i will buy a plane ticket all the way to the uk just to see your huge cock and balls

#love #pewdiepie

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  2. My veils started to rise above all. The voice and voice were the same, and the voice was rising on that day. When you look at the map, you can also refer to the map, but it is useful in yourタイル, namely Star Tile.
    I double my Pinodi position with thousands of Hidus on my wall.
    At this time, by putting me in a tragedy, it became hidden by Pinodi, ie. It was painful, but it became harder.
    Use a car attached to the wall to write the Pew Deep.
    血 the fact that the blood is followed, but the shell is dropping.
    I want to steal the darkness of theft.
    I hope he will teach me
    I want to be his magic.
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    I kicked with him and made a guess, and then he hits when he escapes.
    If you read again, it will be a sexual nature.
    The purchase of a ticket is made in all ways to buy a planned ticket in the UK. This is only displayed as a large vehicle and cell.

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