I made an A-I write a rap battle between Indiana Jones and Medusa (in the style of Epic Rap Battles of History). “It kinda worked but it’s cringe”

Epic Rap Battles of History!

Indiana Jones!


Indiana Jones:

I’m the man with the hat and the whip,
I’m the archaeologist with the knack
For finding ancient artifacts,
I’ve got a date with destiny.

I faced down a Nazi army
And a giant rolling boulder,
I’m afraid of some snake-haired woman
But I’ll just shoot you with my revolver.

I’m the world’s greatest adventurer,
Receiving nothing but rewards,
So I’ll just cut your head off with the last crusaders sword.


I’m a Goddess with a deadly gaze,
I can turn you to stone with just a look at my face, So best beware if you cross my fucking path, you’ll end up as a permanent fixture of my collection of previous rap trash.

You might be able to dodge a bullet,
But you can’t escape fate
I’ll turn you into a statue
And then I’ll crush you like a grape.

You might be able to swing your sword,
But you can’t cut through my gaze.
When I’m done with you your raps will turn dull, And then I’ll crush you like Steven Spielberg did your character when making Crystal Skull.

Who Won?

Who’s Next?

You Decide!

Epic Rap Battles Of History!

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