I met Vsauce yesterday

I met Vsauce yesterday!!!!!

Guys i only talked to him for a couple minutes and couldn’t grab a picture, but in person this guy is actually insane.

I introduced myself,

“Greetings, Vsauce, whats up?”

“Hello fan! Vsauce micheal here”

I was struck in absolute awe after making human communication with this god among men.

“So vsauce, im going through a horrible and violent divorce that is ravaging through the last of my savings, any advice?”

I dont know why i opened up to him so fast, but i knew Vsauce Micheal wouldnt let me down.

“Alright, listen to me man.” Mike looked into my soul, then down at my cock, and back into my eyes

“We’re gonna sit down at a bar, snd im going to order you a filfth of vodka. If you drink it ill give you 600,000 dollars in crypto currency.”

This was exactly what i was hoping he would say.

We sped to the bar, though on the way police barricaded the highway, and spotted Vsauce in the passenger seat.

“Pull off! Theres pigs!!!” Screamed micheal.

“Yes master!!!!” I responded

I quickly stomped on the gas, slamming into the side of a police cruiser.
The impact crushed a police officer taking cover behind the car, and Vsauce was launched through the windshield at mach 10 and flew into the earths orbit, his natural habitat

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