I pretended to be Michael Myers when I babysat a neighborhood family kid

Thursday I sat down with my family and I knew what I had to do.

My sister just had hamster babies


Friday, it’s pizza day. It was time to teach a kid a lesson. I made a profile on sittercity.com and matched with a sweet family with a 7 year old son that needed to be sat.

I’m 19 for context…. 6 foot 2 I could tower over a kid.

I had to figure out how to scare the fuck out of this kid.

I was very surprised that they were okay with me watching their kid.
I met the parents and they left me for the day with this kid.

I pretended to be nice but I wasn’t.
My plan was to switch into Michael Myers outfit scare the kid then when he screams for help, I take off the outfit and ask him what’s wrong.

I was playing Fortnite with the kid and then told him I was going to poop for 20 minutes.
I snuck out the house and sprinted to my car, grabbed the outfit then one of the hamster babies my sister had recently.

I walked back into the house wearing the Michael outfit and knew he was going to be distracted playing Fortnite.
I decided that I was going to just stand very tall and broad in the corner of the living room.

Waiting for him to come down, the hamster was getting annoying to hold.

Finally the kid came down. He literally was looking for me.

Hwalked through the room bad into the kitchen without noticing me!

So I started breathing super loud through the mask got impatient then turned the corner and fucking screamed. I clenched the hamster then slit its throat with a knife.

The kid started gasping for air in the most desperate attempt to plead for help but fucking fell.

I stood over the kid then revealed my mask.

Crying he begged me why I would do that. I told him he needed a lesson. He dashed for the phone then locked himself into a room.

I ran away then went to my house. It’s been 4 hours and I have 30+ missed calls from his parents and my own parents.

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